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Can Children Learn the Word of God?

September 19, 2018


In II Timothy 3:15, Paul reminds Timothy that he has known the Holy Scriptures since he was a child. He is also bold in declaring that these Scriptures are able to make us, “Wise unto salvation.” We take this admonition seriously at PBC.  While it is true that much of that learning should take place at home, certainly the church has a God-given mandate to aid families in this endeavor.

Phil Vischer, author/developer of Veggie Tales, made this statement,  ‘Wait a minute, did I just spend 10 years persuading kids to behave Christianly without teaching them Christianity?’ And that just stopped me in my tracks, and that led directly to ‘What’s In The Bible.’ I can’t just tell kids to behave like Christians. I have to teach them the tenants of the faith.”

At PBC, you will find a church family that is passionate about teaching our children what the Bible says!

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