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Building Marriages on a Sure Foundation

February 20, 2012

One thing you can count on in today’s American culture; your marriage will be attacked by the winds, rain, and floods of our perverted, sin-sick society. Praise the Lord, we have the Word of God as our foundation. At Progress Baptist Church, the first weekend in March has been devoted to taking a Biblical look at marriage.

Evangelist Randy Sutherland and his family will be with us the entire weekend, and we are praying for God to give Brother Sutherland the very messages we need to help us build strong marriages and homes for His glory. Satan, the enemy of God and everything that is pure and holy is relentless in his attacks on the home, and the sad truth is; many young couples today have never seen a Bible-based marriage. God’s Word is still true, however, and the truths we find in its pages will work in every culture.

The weekend will begin with a relaxing time of fellowship, meal, and short message on Saturday evening. Then on Sunday, Brother Sutherland will be preaching in both the morning and evening services. Pray with us for this special weekend, and to those who are looking for a strong, Bible-believing church for your home and family, why not come and spend the weekend with us on March 3 and 4? We’d love to have you as our guests!

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“Fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.” (M. Graham)