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The Power of ONE

May 20, 2011

David wrote in Psam 27, “ONE thing have I desired of the LORD,” and Paul wrote in Philippians 3:13, “ONE thing I do.” What a blessing it is to be focused on one thing! Satan, the great deceiver, is masterful when it comes to distracting us from the most important thing in life. For the sinner, the temptation is to put off salvation until a more convenient season. For the saved, the problem is sacrificing the best on the altar of the good.

If we are spending more time serving Him than we are worshipping Him, we have fallen into the “Martha trap” of being consumed with “much serving” when ONE thing is needful; sitting at His feet. Our service would be so much more productive and meaningful if we would first sit at His feet and adore Him for Who He is.

It is interesting to see how harried we have become in our American culture. Think of all the inventions and gadgets that were supposed to give us more time! Our grandparents and great-grandparents never had all of these conveniences, yet they had time to sit on the porch and visit with friends! Most parents in this generation spend little to no quality time with our own children, not to mention friends or extended family. Quality, quiet time with the Lord? Who has time for that?

Jesus said in Matthew 5:30, “If thy right hand offend thee, cut it off.” In 2011, He is probably saying to His children, “If thy computer, Ipod, Ipad, cell phone, etc., offend thee: CUT IT OFF!” What our family, friends, and fellow church members need are prayer warriors who are in touch with God, not someone who is accessible 24/7. May God help us focus on ONE thing.

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“Fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.” (M. Graham)