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“Showing the World Why He Came” – Missions Sunday, December 11, 2011

August 22, 2011

During the month of December, our church family will have a great opportunity to hear and see what the Lord is doing in our country and around the world. On Sunday, December 11, we will have a special missions emphasis. Bro. Bob Patenaude, veteran missionary in the Far East and Asia will be our main speaker for the day. Brother Patenaude has had a unique ministry in very difficult regions of the world. In addition, he has a strong burden for American church planting. He understands firsthand the need for strong, Biblical, mission-minded churches here in the States. Your heart will be fed, challenged and convicted by the preaching of this dear man of God.

We will also have Bro. Steve Nissley, veteran pastor/church planter from the Northeast region of the United States with us that day. Brother Nissley has raised a Godly family, and he has served the Lord faithfully through many trials. Several years ago, his family encountered their darkest valley when his wife was severely affected by an error in a medical procedure. His self-sacrificing love for his wife and family through this difficulty has been an inspiration to many. While our hearts will be blessed by his preaching and burden for remote regions in our country, we will also be touched by the “Calvary love” demonstrated in this family.

Bro. Joe Rhodes from Billings, WV, will also be with us that day. Brother Rhodes and his family are currently on deputation, raising support to be church planters in the state of Montana. He is a Godly young man, sold-out to the will of God for his life, and he has a supportive wife and children. We will certainly be inspired by the veteran missionaries with us that day, but we will also be blessed by the Rhodes family, and to see that God is still calling young families who are surrendered to giving God the “strength of their youth.”

Progress Baptist Church will not have a more important Sunday during 2011! What a privilege it is to be involved in what God is doing in these days. Let’s pray and ask God to touch our hearts. Let’s prepare our hearts to receive what He has for us. Let’s trust God to give these men EXACTLY what we need to challenge us and strengthen us in our love for souls; both around the world, in our own country, and in our own community. As 2011 ends, my prayer as pastor is that every individual and family in the church will increase their commitment to pray and give to missions in the New Year 2012.

December is a month when we celebrate the fact that Jesus came from Heaven to pay the penalty for our sins. While we rejoice in the virgin birth, let’s also turn our hearts this year to those who have never heard, “Why He Came!”

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“Fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.” (M. Graham)