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September 3 Outreach – Update!

September 3, 2011


Thank you, and GOD bless you Progress Baptist Church Family! Praise God for the excellent turnout today!! For the size of our church family, twenty-six folks was a huge blessing to me, and I believe you honored our Lord and Saviour!

Several folks had told me over the past few weeks about work conflicts and travel plans over the Labor Day Weekend. So, I was thrilled to see all of you.

God’s Word speaks about the enemy stealing the seed. Let’s continue to pray that God will protect the seed, and that hearts, lives, and families will be changed by the power of the gospel as a result of the outreach today.

Bro. Doug


Mark your calendars! On Saturday, September 3, our goal is to distribute 2,000 evangelistic packets in our county. These packets will include a John/Romans, church tracts, and a postcard listing upcoming events at Progress Baptist.

Please begin praying for God to bless this seed, and make plans to be at the church at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, September 3, to help sow the seed of the Gospel!

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“Fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.” (M. Graham)